Why should you become Caucasus International University Student

Caucasus International University (CIU) is pleased to welcome you - who are interested in obtaining European education based on traditional values!

Learn a way leading to success and circle number 115 to make all your dreams come true!


CIU is oriented on preparing professionals meeting high academic standards and guaranteeing their prosperous future.

The university places emphasis on specialties focusing on success and employment.

CIU is distinguished by well-equipped infrastructure, modern classes and teaching-research laboratories, conference and public halls and a library storing a vast amount of books.

 It is distinguished by world-wide acknowledged academic personnel.

The university constantly strives at developing and improving the scholarly potential of the academic staff and students.

CIU is responsible for the quality of students’ education.

Successful students are granted scholarship.

Main priority of CIU is students’ employment; Students’ professional skills meeting high standards can serve as a guarantee for this.

Integrating with international educational sphere is one of the priorities of the university.

CIU students are given opportunity to acquire knowledge and at the same time learn English well, which is a priority on labour market and for pursuing studies abroad. 

The university strives at engaging each student at cultural, recreational and sport life alongside giving professional knowledge; therefore, sports sections, studios of painting, folk dances and singing, theatre company, and a musical band are functioning at CIU.

Close collaboration with student self-governance organizations guarantees the students’ rights protection and their active involvement in a teaching process.

The university creates student oriented environment; it gives education of high academic standards, which definitely defines students’ knowledge, their strength and future prospects!


If you are willing to have a successful career after graduation and ensure the success of your future choose Caucasus International University!

Circle number 115 and continue your life with us as we – Caucasus International University – create your future!


Address: 73, Chargali Str, Sanzona, Gldani-Nadzaladevi District, Tbilisi, 0141, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 261 12 98;
(+995 32) 294 59 92;
Metro Station: "Grmagele";
Bus #: 17, 60, 94, 95;
Microbus #: 49, 61, 31, 135, 171, 197;
Address: 2, Ureki Str, Nadzaladevi District, Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 261 12 98;
(+995 32) 294 59 92;
Metro Station: "Guramishvili","Sarajishvili"
Bus #: 17, 60, 94, 95;
Microbus #: 49, 60, 91, 135, 171, 197;
Bus from Ureki St. #: 21, 62;
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